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Electro Luminescence Sign Board

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With the thickness of 0.2 mm, it is thin like a sheet of paper, flexible and brighter than 60cd. The EL (Electro Luminescence) materials, back lighting method, generates grace light, without heat generation. Unlike neon and panaflex, the EL material consumes far less power. Through a Color Overlay technology, multiple numbers of colors can be displayed. You can also modify the product how often and what sequence the light should turn on and off, offering very efficient advertisement feature.

Main Features

  • Ultra thin (8mm ~ 10mm)
  • Display various numbers of colors
  • Modifiable frequency and sequence of light
  • Consume less power and generate no heat
  • Resistant to impact and vibration


  • Indoor advertisement signboards
  • pop(point of purchase) advertisement

Target Buyer

  • Advertisement product manufactures or distribution company
  • Interior businesses